What Channel is NFR on DirecTV, Dish and more

When talking about NFR, it is referring to the National Final Rodeo that is held each year in December in Las Vegas at the Thomas and Mack Center.  NFR has been one of the most entertaining and competitive Rodeos that has been shaping the sports and entertainment sector.  This is when the best cowboys worldwide put their boots on and try taking each other as they compete for the world championship title in the events that they are participating in.

Rodeo EventNational Finals Rodeo 2019
DatesDecember 5-14, 2019
TV Time6:45 PT (each nightly)
BroadcasterCBS Sports Network
Online NetworkNFR Live Stream (CBSSN online)
What Channel is NFR on

Being a grand event of the year, it has to be broadcasted so that the millions of people who will not be able to make it to Las Vegas have the opportunity of watching the action from their homes.  The will be running for ten days, and it will begin on 5th December and end on 14th December.  The National Final Rodeo 2019 is fully packed with incredible events that you cannot afford to miss a single episode of it.

There is always something for everyone, be it that may this could be the first time you are watching or attending NFR.  Every night of the ten days is a special night that you ought to mark in your calendar.

There are several platforms that will be broadcasting the National Final Rodeo 2019. The main TV network that is popularly known to broadcast this event each year is the CBS Sports Network. They will cover all the main events during the ten days at 7 PM EST.  CBS Sports Networks gives rodeo fans an opportunity to view the NFR 2019 and the various championship that will be taking place throughout the year.

The NFR is very riveting for various reasons. Rodeo comes with an implicit danger, and this what makes NFR so intriguing, and those ten days seem to go by very fast without you noticing. The CBS Sports Network TV channels that will be covering the National Final Rodeo include the following;

  • DirecTV

You can now catch up with your favorite CBS sports network on DirecTV in HD network.  For those rodeo fans with DirecTV subscription, you can catch the NFR action for those 10 days on channel 221 in HD.  DirecTV will be airing all the National final Rodeo activities as they will be taking place from 5th December to 14th December.

  • Dish Network

To watch the NFR 2019, you will have to tune to channels 158 in HD which will give you access to women’s sports, college sports. This is where you will be able to view professional bareback riding, bull riding and so many other events that will be covered by Dish Network on channel 158. Do not miss a single episode!

  • Verizon FiOS

The CBS Sports Network has been extended to Verizon FiOS in HD since 2008. Customers who have subscribed to the FiOS TV extreme and ultimate packages will have access to CBS Sports Network in both HD and SD.  To catch the National Final Rodeo 2019, you can tune in to channel 94 (SD) and channel 594 (HD). Verizon FiOS TV is available on various cable systems, but the channels will vary depending on the service provider.


  • Bell Fibe TV

CBS Sports Network is committed to covering college sports. It covers more than 25 men’s and women’s sports while offering more than 300live events that are very compelling and this includes the prestigious NFR which occurs annually. For all the rodeo fans with a Bell Fibe TV subscription, you can tune to channel 417(HD) and channel 1417 (SD) and watch the National Final Rodeo as it will be happening.

Since the 1960s, PRCA has been organizing National Final Rodeo, and it has always been aimed at having 120 main competitors that have managed to pass all the challenges of rodeo across the USA.  The NFR is a showdown of the qualified contestants who are coveting the world championship crown, and it is an event that you can’t miss watching.  If you will not be able to watch the NFR 2019 through your TV, you can opt for streaming the event online via various platforms that will be live streaming the event such as Wrangler network, YouTube and Facebook.

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